Cutting Tools

Inovatools’ VHM-Deepmax Drills Without Chip Removal Up to 30×D

Deepmax drills have a tool life of 75 m with normal wear. They are made 15×D, 20×D, 25×D (all up to 12-mm diameter) and 30×D (up to 10 mm diameter).


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Inovatools’ universal VHM-Deepmax deep-hole drills replace its previous range for deep-hole drilling. The drills’ front geometry with 135° point angle is suitable for centering of the drill, chip-breaking and low cutting forces and supports quiet operation.

Four lands support and stabilize the drill in the axial direction, enabling precise and vibration-free drilling with low deviation from center.  

Deepmax drills have tool life of 75 m with normal wear. They are made 15×D, 20×D, 25×D (all up to 12 mm diameter) and 30×D (up to 10 mm diameter), suitable for Inovatools’ centering and pilot drills as well as fiber end mills.


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