Jenfab Washers Provide Powerful Parts Cleaning

Units designed for time-saving cleaning in compact space.


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Jenfab Cleaning Solutions’ two cabinet-style parts washing systems — the Orca and the Avenger — are built for heavy-duty, industrial cleaning.

Orca washing system

Orca washing system

The Orca roll-in door parts washer is available in turntable sizes of 25", 31" and 36". Depending on the model, it can handle between 1,000- and 1,500-lb loads, while the roll-in door design saves space. The Orca comes standard with a built-in oil skimmer, automatic water fill, containment ring, low water shutoff and a multifunctional timer for 24/7 control of the oil skimmer and heater.

Avenger washing system

Avenger washing system

The Avenger is designed specifically for small shops, automotive repair facilities and cellular working environments to provide the power and convenience of an automatic parts washer without the mess and labor cost associated with manual systems or spray washing. It comes equipped with a 21" sprocket-driven turntable and is designed to fit into tight areas in facilities where floor space is at a premium. The Avenger comes in either 120 V or 230 V variations. Other features include a stainless steel cabinet, built-in “Y” fluid strainer, soaking reservoir, low-water shutoff, chip basket strainer, 60-minute timer and a removable water tray in base.

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