JMPP Customizes Coupling Bolts for Mazak CNC Lathe Specifications

Customized coupling bolt’s high-torque design creates better taper contact and delivers higher strength.


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Customized live tooling coupling bolts.

Customized live tooling coupling bolts.

JM Performance Products’ (JMPP) customized live tooling coupling bolts for Mazak CNC lathes feature its high torque standard tolerances and design features. The customized solution helps eliminate excessive vibration that would otherwise put an unnecessary load on machine bearings and curtail operations at full power.

These pull bolts fully incorporate Mazak’s specifications and are uniquely manufactured to implement JMPP’s high-torque retention knob standards from 9310H material. The bolts were customized to meet Mazak specifications in response to a request from a Mazak dealer and share engineering characteristics with JMPP’s high torque retention knobs for V-flange tooling. Thus, the high-torque design was implemented into the coupling bolt design specific to the Mazak multitasking machines.

The company says the resulting coupling bolt solves the problem of enabling the toolholder to be in the machine without bulging, creates better taper contact and delivers higher strength with its 9310H material.

According to the company, customers utilizing these customized coupling bolts can realize added machining savings in the form of better finishes, less runout, increased speeds and feeds, reduced machine idle time and improved production rates.