Jomesa System Analyzes Extracted Particles

Originally titled 'System Analyzes Extracted Particles'
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PMTS 2019: Jomesa’s PSE system performs material analysis on particles extracted during cleanliness testing.

Jomesa’s PSE system performs material analysis on particles extracted during cleanliness testing (ISO 16232/VDA19.1). The system is a desktop size SEM/EDX system which integrates with the company’s HFD automated cleanliness analysis system. By sharing a local network connection the HFD system performs the optical counting and measurement of contamination particles while also enabling the operator to identify “interesting” particles to be analyzed further for material composition. The sample is then loaded into the PSE system for material analysis on the particles that were identified. 

The combination of optical and SEM technology is said to reduce the wait times typically associated with analysis for cleanliness testing as the particles are directly analyzed, a full scan of the filter membrane is not necessary. Full-filter scans and particle size dependent scans are also available.


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