Latest Version of Esprit 2015 Software

Originally titled 'Latest Version of CNC Programming Software'

DP Technology Corp. has released the latest version of its pioneering flagship product Esprit 2015.

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DP Technology Corp. has released the latest version of its pioneering flagship product Esprit 2015. The software helps increase productivity for a range of machine tool applications by generating more efficient toolpaths while also saving time by providing substantial improvements in CNC programming productivity. Besides increasing productivity, the release also provides many new and improved features specifically in the areas of intelligent machining, strategic machining, CAD/CAM data exchange and cloud-enabled CAM.

Intelligent machining features in Esprit 2015 accelerates the machining process by providing five-axis cycles that reduce cycle time. This makes it possible to completely machine blades in a single setup. The software’s five-axis blade roughing tool motion is morphed across the blade from any size stock shape to uniformly offset stock allowance so it can be immediately followed by a finishing cycle.

The Port Roughing cycle, another machining improvement to the software, creates a five-axis roughing operation to remove the material inside an area where the tool must enter through a restricted opening. The shape of the toolpath is an offset of the port surfaces, starting at the surface and proceeding inward at a constant stepover.

Esprit 2015 also includes features that increase machining productivity. The Bottom Up roughing strategy helps take ProfitMilling high speed material removal cycle to the next level. The Bottom Up strategy lets users attain a small residual stock height during the stock removal process. Even more, it can be combined with ProfitMilling – our unique high-speed machining roughing technology – for a major improvement in overall productivity. ProfitMilling optimizes toolpaths with engagement angle, chip load, lateral cutter force and material removal rate to massively reduce cycle time and increase tool life. 

The strategic machining capabilities of Esprit 2015 have been expanded with redesigned stock automation capabilities for multitasking machines with mill, turn and drill capabilities. Available for the facing, contouring and pocketing milling cycles, the stock automation function maintains awareness of the stock removed by previous operations to generate cutting passes only in areas where stock remains. This function reduces air cutting, which in turn, drastically reduces cycle time, the company says.