Lynx 2100LY Features Large Turning Capacity

The Lynx 2100LY series includes toolholders for live and static tools, a tool setter, a parts catcher and a parts conveyor.


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The Lynx 2100LY series, from Doosan Machine Tools, comes with a range of features including a variety of toolholders (both static and live tools), a tool setter, a parts catcher and a parts conveyor. It is designed to deliver high productivity to shops of all sizes.

The machine features a 15 kw (20 hp) spindle that rotates at 4,500 rpm along with a large turning capacity. The additional Y axis and optional subspindle makes machining complex parts faster and easier with one set up, the company says. Other features include a 12-station servo-driven BMT tool turret with a half-index feature (24 positions), easy operation package (EOP) software and a CNC tailstock.

The machine series is designed with a rigid bed structure and incorporates roller-type LM guides for all axes. It is available in both a 6" and 8" chuck size to accommodate turning diameters as large as 11.8" and turning lengths ranging to 20".


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