M2 2D Processor Applies Tolerances

Originally titled 'Processor Applies Tolerances'

Mitutoyo America Corp.’s M2 2D data processing unit has geometric tolerancing that measures features and sets nominals and can apply tolerances and view deviation results.

Mitutoyo America Corp.’s M2 2D data processing unit is part of a package with the PH-A14 comparator. The profile projector features a 14”-diameter screen horizontal projector, horizontal projector is equipped with accurate linear glass scales, profile and Fiber Optic Surface Illumination and 8” × 4” travel T-slot table for accessories.

The processor features a touchscreen M2 geometric measurement display; graphics-based constructions that generate distances and tangent lines from within the graphical part view; geometric tolerancing that measures features, sets nominals, applies tolerances and views deviation results; report flexibility with customized report data and format, including header, footer and graphics; and M2 geometric 2D measurement software.  

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