Machining Center Features Loading Robot, Pallet Storage

IMTS 2018: SW North America’s dual-spindle BA WO2-22 machining center features an integrated six-axis robot and vertical pallet storage for blanks and parts.

Designed to function as an independent cell, SW North America’s dual-spindle BA WO2-22 machining center features an integrated six-axis robot for loading and unloading and vertical pallet storage for both blanks and finished parts. A crane-hook system and some pre-assembly speed installation and setup.

Said to be useful for watchmaking and impeller applications, the twin-spindle machine is designed to cut complex shapes in non-magnetic materials. Feed axes feature linear and torque motors to ensure T-positioning accuracy within 0.006 mm. A Kv factor of 10 and a jerk of 1,200 m/sec.³ enable high-precision micro movements. With low-weight planetary axes and the right workpiece geometry, this capability can reduce cycle time.

With a spindle distance of 250 mm, feed axes accelerate as fast as 24 m/sec.² to a rapid traverse of 120 m/min. Motor spindles can reach 25,000 rpm within 0.7 sec. Chip-to-chip time for a tool change is 1.75 sec. The double swiveling workpiece carrier enables loading one part while the machine cuts another.  

The robot’s overhead mounting and ability to be configured for specific parts provides freedom of movement and room for other tasks, such as scanning. The loading module is fitted with aluminum support profiles for holding additional devices.

The 7-kg robot can accommodate workpieces measuring up to 100 × 100 × 50 mm and ranging to 1.0 kg in mass. It can use multiple grippers to load and unload in parallel with machining time. For small batch sizes, manual loading can also take place.

The vertical pallet storage unit can store up to 24 pallets measuring up to 600 × 400 mm. System runtime at 1 minute per every two workpieces is 9.6 hours. The pallet transport system employs a wear-free ball screw drive and an elevator-car approach to enable loading and unloading at optimum and consistent heights.

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