Material-Specific Spade Drilling Systems

PMTS 2021: Company says system combines material-specific insert geometries and a redesigned drill body to enable penetration rates at speeds nearly 30% faster than other high-performance drills.


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Allied Machine and Engineering says its high-penetration drilling system, the T-A Pro, is well suited for general purpose holemaking while offering a performace level previously unachievable by a spade insert. According to the company, the T-A Pro drill combines material-specific insert geometries, a redesigned drill body and a proprietary coolant-through system to enable penetration rates at speeds nearly 30% faster than other high-performance drills. Even when functioning at significantly higher speeds, the coolant outlets direct maximum flow to the cutting edge to provide quick heat extraction when most critical. In addition, the drill body incorporates straight flutes designed for maximum coolant flow and excellent rigidity, and the material-specific insert geometries produce impeccable chip formation. These insert geometries include steel (P) with AM300 coating, cast iron (K) with TiAIN coating, non-ferrous (N) with TiCN coating and high-speed steel (X) with AM200 coating.


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