Max 40 CO Machining Unit for Robot Applications

Originally titled 'Machining Unit for Robot Applications'
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The Max 40 CO from Suhner is a large machining unit for use in robot applications.

The Max 40 CO from Suhner is a large machining unit for use in robot applications. It comes equipped with an ISO 40 or an optional HSK 63 spindle. A coolant-through-spindle is possible for both toolholder options. Clamping and tool retention are accomplished by a spring-loaded drawbar assembly. The tool release is done with a pneumatic cylinder. A disc-spring package including a special tool-gripper system with an included mechanical ratio can develop a tool retention force up to 12 kN. Process capability can be monitored using four proximity switches controlling the following functions: Tool clamped, tool released, home position without tool, and home position without tool and no rotation (tool change position).

Up to 400 Nm torque at the spindle allows for more drilling and milling operations, according to the company. This also demands a strong robot. Clamped workpieces of alloy steel can be milled completely and followed by a drilling operation of 21-mm diameter. 


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