Container's Open Structure Optimizes Parts Cleaning

Originally titled 'Container's Open Structure Optimizes Parts Cleaning'

With its open structure and stainless steel rounds, the Mefo-Box system is designed for optimized cleaning.

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With its open structure and stainless steel rounds, the Mefo-Box system from Metallform is designed for optimized cleaning. The cleaning media has easy access to parts and enables shorter cleaning time and good draining behavior,even in bulk material processes.

The product is manufactured from rounds without closed edges and corners, preventing the formation of dirt traps and residues in the container. The open basket design also minimizes the carry-over of cleaning media, extending bath service life and improving system availability. The system is compatible with standard transport containers. It has a high-stacking frame for safe transport and reliable separation as well as completely welded joints without sharp edges, corners or wire ends.


The range of standard components of the system and of the flexible workpiece holder enables users to fix approximately 85 percent of all parts in the cleaning basket, according to the company. For applications in which parts with complex geometries or large quantities have to be cleaned, the company offers part-specific workpiece holders.