Micro End Mill Tools Offer Longer Reach

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools has expanded the micro end mill line of tools to include 594 items.

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Kyocera SGS Precision Tools has expanded the micro end mill line of tools to include 594 items. These line items include tools with two, three and four flutes, and will include long-reach dimensions.

The two-flute design, because of its wide spacing, is ideal for long-reach applications in softer-to-mill materials like plastics. These two-flute tools have a reach dimension ranging to 12×D. The three-flute design, because of its combination of flute space, strong core and balance, is said to be ideal for long-reach roughing applications. The reach dimension on the three-flute tools ranges to 25×D. The four-flute end mill is designed with a heavier core for maximum rigidity, which makes it an ideal tool for long-reach finishing applications, according to the company. The reach dimension on the four-flute design ranges to 12×D.

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