10/27/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Milling, Turning and Wire EDM Updates for Edgecam 2016

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The latest software contains more than 30 enhanced items of CAD and CAM functionality.


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The latest release of Vero Software’s Edgecam manufacturing software contains more than 30 enhanced items of CAD and CAM functionality for milling, turning and wire EDM.

Users benefit from a time-saving pre-finish plunge option found in the finishing grooving cycle in Edgecam 2016 R1. A single plunge cut is generated at the center of a groove feature, and the cycle then continues to finish the feature in the usual way. As this removes most of the material it does away with the need for a rough grooving cycle.

The existing rough turn cycle now features a ramp cut strategy. This method is typically used for turning deep recesses with double-sided turning inserts—and extends tool life as the contact point on the insert is constantly changing, avoiding notching. The strategy can be used with decreasing cut increments.

Five more milling CAM cycles have been upgraded to use images and help tooltips. This helps users to quickly understand the command function and also presents a consistent user interface, the company says.

A number of significant upgrades have been made to the operations function, which is used in particular by new or infrequent Edgecam programmers as a quick and easy way to develop complex toolpaths. Roughing, profiling, turning and four- and five-axis commands have been enhanced, as well as the addition of a new chamfering operation.

A function used for both milling and turning operations now saves additional time on the Update Stock command.

Another enhancement to the Automatic Feature Finding command means users can set a Partial Hole Angle when creating features. The value will control which hole features can be detected, and eventually machined.

Functionality has been added to the area of machine tool configuration, Edgecam 2016 R1 has introduced full support for head-table machines, including support for Siemens, TNC and ISO programming languages.

Wire EDM users benefit from a Smart Cycle machining command. This combines two- and four-axis wire machining into one function, by analyzing the input geometry shape. It guarantees that the output code always matches the feature shape, without the user needing to do anything else.

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