MS Geometry Insert Provides Stable Drilling in Challenging Applications

The MS geometry insert gives users a versatile tool for drilling stainless steel and super alloys.


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MS Geometry Insert

MS Geometry Insert 

Widia expands expands its Top Drill Modular X (TDMX) Drill Platform to include the MS geometry insert which is designed to machine stainless steel and super alloys. The company says the MS geometry delivers stable modular drilling for general engineering and energy applications.

With the MS geometry expansion, the TDMX platform now offers three material-specific inserts, broadening the platform’s application capabilities to include inclined entry and exit, stacked plates and cross-hole drilling in stainless steel, super alloys, steel and cast iron materials.

The MS geometry insert gives users a versatile tool for multiple workpiece materials and applications. It is said to achieve a 60% increase in tool life versus competing solutions while machining a 13-8 Hyper Chrome 110 KSI workpiece material at 3XD with a cutting speed of 75 m/min.

The drill’s “X”-shaped pocket and tapered seat provide stability in challenging applications, while making it easy to change out the insert without disassembling the body from the holder. These key design features reduce unstable cutting conditions, while enabling higher penetration rates and reducing overall machine setup times and costs.

The insert can be reground to extend the life of the tool. TDMX is available in both imperial and metric sizes in 1.5XD, 3XD, 5XD, 8XD, 12XD and diameter ranges from 16 to 40 mm.