Cleaning System Features Triple-Action Washing, Rinsing


PMTS 2021: Process consists of agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, ultrasonics, and heated blow-off drying.

JSC Pro Automation System Accommodates Many Part and Capacity Requirements


PMTS 2021: The machine incorporates a main enclosure with several different pre-engineered end-of-arm and infeed/outfeed options for a range of part and capacity requirements.

Mazak Offers Multitasking Machines for High-Volume, Small Parts Applications


PMTS 2021: All Mazak technology is backed by its MPower customer support program for the life of every machine.

Thread Rolling Solutions for Various Attachment Brands


PMTS 2021: Company says 80% of its thread rolls, including custom designs, ship within 24 hours.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Twin-Turret Lathes Feature Y-Axis Turrets


PMTS 2021: Marubeni's BNE-MYY twin-turret lathe models, BNE-51MYY and BNE-65MYY, offer 51- and 65-mm diameters.

Custom Circular Saw Blades with Various OD/ID Combinations from Martindale


PMTS 2021: ODs range from ¼" to 10", with various OD/ID combinations, numbers of teeth, thicknesses and tooth configurations. 

Standard and Custom Cams for Various Screw Machines


PMTS 2021: Company can design and manufacture standard and special cams for operations including thread rolling, thread cutting, knurling and stamping, and others.

Maier Offers Swiss-Type, High-Pressure System and Swiss Bar Feeders


PMTS 2021: The company’s Swiss bar feeders, both 3 m and 4 m, come with integrated high pressure, and FANUC Robo Drills with many options.

CNC Screw Machine Offers Machining Speed, Versatility


PMTS 2021: This series of 11-axis CNC screw machines, featuring overlapping slides, is said to meet the machining speed, quality and versatility of cam-driven machines.

Manufacturing and Reconditioning of Carbide Tools


PMTS 2021: Company offers design, reconditioning, manufacturing and in house PVD coating services of carbide cutting tools for end users in various industries.