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PUBLISHED: 2/20/2018

Vi-Cas has Vacuum Cups for End-of-Arm Tooling

Vi-Cas Manufacturing offers a range of vacuum cups that can be used for end-of-arm tooling, ergonomic lifters, and other pick-and-place devices and have round, rectangular or oval cups available for a variety of lift manufacturers.

PUBLISHED: 2/19/2018

Soft Blank Jaws Provide Part Clamping

Dillon’s soft jaw blanks feature reduced setup times, aid concentric performance, provide better chuck balance, and have a longer jaw life because of the increased jaw accuracies. 

PUBLISHED: 2/18/2018

Wall-Mounting Kits are for Siemens G-Series Drive Platform

Siemens’ wall-mounting kits are for its Sinamics G120C and G120 PM240-2 modular drives and allow installation of the drives and conform to NEMA 1 and UL Type 1 standards for interior applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/17/2018

Metal Devil Saw Blade Cuts Through Difficult Metals

The M. K. Morse Co.’s Metal Devil diamond edge cut-off wheels for metal cutting offer an option for cutting through a broad range of difficult metals that include metal studs, structural steel, stainless tubing, rebar and cast iron to name a f...

PUBLISHED: 2/16/2018

WorkXplore High-Speed CAD Viewer Converts Files in Batches

Vero Software’s WorkXplore is a high-speed CAD viewer and analyzer that can import and analyze files in batches and at high speed and has a batch-converter function that allows batches of CAD files to be converted to t...

PUBLISHED: 2/15/2018

FCP4 Grinder Produces a Completed Drill

From a blank piece of raw material, ANCA’s FCP4 high production drill grinder (FCP4) produces drills from 0.8 to 4 mm and manufactures a complete high-speed steel drill on a single machine, grinding the flute, rel...

PUBLISHED: 2/14/2018

Additive App Offers Integrated Programming and Simulation

DP Technology’s Esprit Additive Suite app is a 3D printing solution that offers integrated programming and simulation for direct metal deposition, and a printer driver that supports the process of additive manufacturing for...

PUBLISHED: 2/13/2018

TDM Shopfloor Manager is Configurable for User Needs

TDM Systems’ TDM Shopfloor Manager software module in TDM 2017 Global Line’s modular design allows it to be configurable for an individual user needs.

PUBLISHED: 2/12/2018

Jergens Expands Its Custom Design and Build Workholding

Jergens Inc. is adding custom design and build workholding to its existing Fixture-Pro, multi-axis, and other workholding products to enhance time to market and allow customers to enhance their manufacturing productivity with quick-change products.

PUBLISHED: 2/11/2018

AC4000K Turning Grades Provide Double the Wear Resistance

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.’s AC4010K and AC4015K series turning grades for cast iron feature technologies that result in a longer and stable tool life and crystal orientation control technology that provides double the wear ...

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