Three-Spindle Machine Offers Greater Size, Power


The flexibility of this machine enables changeover in less than 15 minutes, improving the management of small- and medium-sized batches.

Oelheld Cooling Lubricant Suitable for Heavy Duty Machining


AquaTec 7655 is a water-miscible product suitable for general to heavy-duty machining of steels, plastics and aluminium alloys.

Mitutoyo AI Inspect Software Automates Visual Defect Analysis


Software functionality enables users to develop inspection routines for automated implementation of defect detection using image sets.

Munchman Conveyor Eliminates Production Line Downtime


Conveyor manages long, stringy and nested metal chips generated from high-speed turning and milling operations to eliminate expensive machine stoppage.

Transfer Machine Features Independent Turning Cell


Isolated turning cell within transfer machine is free of the drive and machining factors that affect the other stations.

Magnetic Ring Encoder Provides Motion Feedback, Control


The ECM 2400 is suitable for applications with high rotational speeds, angular accelerations and limited space due to the complete system’s low overall height.

Exsys ER Collet Adapter Speeds Turning Center Changeovers


The adapter enables offline tool presetting for the next job while the machine continues to work uninterrupted.

Cortec Rust Preventive Offers Easy-to-Use, All-Purpose Rust Protection


Inconspicuous rust preventive makes it easier to protect gears, spindles, coils and more.

AF160 Gear Hobbing Machine Facilitates Flexible Manufacturing


The AF160 can process gears with an outside diameter of up to 60 mm and a length of 250 mm. The machining length is between 110 and 180 mm.

Ecoclean Connect Monitors, Optimizes Parts Cleaning Processes


Cloud-based system optimizes acquisition of parts cleaning data for monitoring and documenting parts cleaning processes.