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PUBLISHED: 3/30/2020

Emuge's Line of Roll Form Taps for Medium Strength Steels

Emuge's Innoform–Steel-M is a line of HSSE-PM taps designed for forming threads.

PUBLISHED: 3/27/2020

Norton Grinding Wheels Offer Long Life and Consistency

Norton Stellar grinding wheels for double and single disc grinding are suitable for automotive, bearing, tool manufacturing, compressors, knife blades and job shop/ general machining.

PUBLISHED: 3/26/2020

Xtra·tec XT M5008 Indexable High-Feed Milling Cutter

High-feed milling cutter in the diameter range of 5/8–2" permits high feed per tooth at low axial depths of cut. 

PUBLISHED: 3/25/2020

Company Expands Horizontal Travel on Optical Comparator

L.S. Starrett expands horizontal X-axis travel on the HB400 benchtop optical comparator from 12" to 16" to measure large parts on its workstage.

PUBLISHED: 3/23/2020

Henning Software Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Husband and wife team Richard and Billie Henning provide software solutions for area companies.

PUBLISHED: 3/10/2020

OnRobot's 3-Finger Gripper for Handling Range of Cylindrical Objects

OnRobot introduces compact, large-stroke 3FG15 three-finger gripper that handles a range of cylindrical objects.

PUBLISHED: 3/9/2020

Garant Xtric Vice Expands by 4 Base Lengths

Garant Xtric centering vice is provided with center jaw, gripper mounting holes and Endutec automation interface.

PUBLISHED: 3/6/2020

Absolute Drilling/Tapping Centers for High-Precision, High-Volumes

Tongtai VTX drill/tapping centers from Absolute Machine Tools are engineered for high-precision, high-volume applications.

PUBLISHED: 3/3/2020

Sveconek's Workholding System Holds up to 10 Parts in a Vise

Sveconek LLC’s has introduced a high capacity workholding system that holds up to 10 parts in a single-acting machinist vise.

PUBLISHED: 3/2/2020

Walter Adds TiN-Coated Threading Tool for Small, Medium Batch Sizes

Walter USA’s TC410 Advance HSS-E thread former is a versatile TiN coated threading tool for small and medium batch sizes.