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PUBLISHED: 6/16/2019

Gearless Multi-Spindle Machining Center Heads for High Production

The multi-spindle heads are custom made in numerous spindle pattern configurations to meet specific manufacturing needs.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2019

Pramet ISBN10 Cutter for a Variety of Materials

The versatile Pramet ISBN10 cutters are suitable for high feed milling, copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging.

PUBLISHED: 6/14/2019

Dillon Full Grip Pie Jaws Now Available in 28" Diameter

These jaws can be modified to heights of 10” and widths that extend beyond the chuck face diameter, thus increasing the chuck’s capacity. 

PUBLISHED: 6/13/2019

High Precision, Automated Clamping in Robotic Machining Cell

The motorized air vises provide consistent preset clamping force and programmability of the vise opening, if desired. 

PUBLISHED: 6/12/2019

SW's CloudPlatform Improves Data Analytics

The CloudPlatform is designed to enable users to more quickly detect and react to malfunctions, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing efficiency.

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2019

Walter CBN Grades for Turning Hardened Steel and High-Temperature Superalloys

CBN grades are said to provide users with multiple benefits, including accurate, high quality surfaces, long tool life, and a higher degree of process reliability.

PUBLISHED: 6/10/2019

Tungaloy Broadens its OD Toolholder Length Variations

Tungaloy is expanding its Turning-A series of OD turning holders to include short length holders.

PUBLISHED: 6/9/2019

Multi Mini Rhinobar Bar Feeder with 3 Feed Tube Cartridge

The Multi Mini bar feeder for CNC Swiss-type lathes has an ergonomic design and an upgraded safety interlock system.

PUBLISHED: 6/8/2019

Helitronic Tool Grinding Machines Offer Two-in-One Concept

These Helitronic tool grinding machines integrate both eroding and/or grinding capabilities into single grinding machine platforms.

PUBLISHED: 6/7/2019

Inert Atmosphere Pit Furnace

This furnace is used for heat treating automotive parts in baskets.