Mastercam Optimizes 5-Axis Postprocessor for FANUC CNCs


Machine unlocks faster and more accurate art-to-part FANUC CNC capabilities.

LNS Oil Mist Collector Provides 98.3% Filtration Levels


An optional HEPA filter kit uses recyclable E11 filter media for even greater results.

LK Metrology Gate is Flexible Inspection Monitoring, Analysis Portal


Portal provides remote access to information on the status and performance of all connected metrology devices.

Thinbit Toolholders Position Inserts at Multiple Angles


Angled round toolholders position the insert at 30-, 45- or 60-degree angles for reliefs, undercuts and angled outer diameter and face grooves.

Schunk Rota-M Flex Chuck Jaw Offers Flexible Clamping Capabilities


Chuck jaw has a very long compensation stroke, giving it increased flexibility for clampable workpiece geometries and a wide variety of applications.

JMPP Customizes Coupling Bolts for Mazak CNC Lathe Specifications


Customized coupling bolt’s high-torque design creates better taper contact and delivers higher strength.

iTSpeeX’s Athena Voice-Activated Technology Simplifies Machine Programming


Voice-activated technology is able to listen to voice commands, provide instructional content, perform complex machine functions quickly and walk through vital checklists. 

Glebar Form Grinder Reduces Scrap Rates


Fully automated PG-9DHD Centerless Form Grinder can handle and grind hard-to-turn-materials without causing chipping or breaking, thereby reducing scrap rates.

Expand Machinery’s Genturn-52 CS Simplifies Setup, Reduces Costs


Sliding headstock machine has no guide bushing, thus simplifying setup while reducing job expenses and setup time.

Big Kaiser Presetter Option Speeds Data Transfer to Machining Centers


The system can also be configured to send measurements directly into the numerical control tool’s offset table.