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PUBLISHED: 5/26/2018

PC-DMIS 2018 R1 Software Reduces Measurement Time

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s PC-DMIS 2018 R1 measurement software can be used to enhance the order of point measurement, reducing the number of probe tip changes and overall measurement time.

PUBLISHED: 5/25/2018

Safe-Lock Pullout Protection System Reduces Vibration

Haimer’s Safe-Lock pullout protection system has spiral-shaped grooves that are ground into the cutting tool shank to reduce vibration and prevent the cutter from spinning during extreme machining.

PUBLISHED: 5/24/2018

FA 70 Ultrafine Filtration Technology Used for Regrinding

The Vomat FA 70 standalone filtration system has a maximum filtration capacity of 70 L per minute and provides clean oil in NAS 9 quality over a long service period.

PUBLISHED: 5/23/2018

MC Machinery Offers 2D and 3D Machine Inspection Systems

MC Machinery Systems Inc.’s InspecVision is a high-speed integrated 2D and 3D measurement system designed to bring speed, accuracy and reliability to a shop’s measurement quality process.   

PUBLISHED: 5/22/2018

No. 1044 Inert Atmosphere Bench Furnace Heat Treats

Grieve Corp.’s No. 1044 is a 2000°F (1093°C), inert atmosphere bench furnace that includes a vertical lift door with gas spring counterbalance and inert atmosphere construction.  

PUBLISHED: 5/21/2018

Numerika CNC Grinding Machine Fulfills Range of Workpieces

The Junker Group’s Zema corundum line includes the Numerika grinding machine that can grind elements such as flanges and journals on crankshafts as well as gear, turbocharger and cardan shafts or spray nozzles.

PUBLISHED: 5/20/2018

Duro-NCSE Power Chuck Reduces Lathe Setup Times

Röhm Products of America’s Duro-NCSE power chuck incorporates jaws that are designed to unlock individually for easy handling/change-over and fast setup.

PUBLISHED: 5/19/2018

FMT Thread Mills Increase Productivity and Performance

Carmex’s FMT thread mill can thread up to the bottom of a blind hole while delivering reliability for complex parts.

PUBLISHED: 5/18/2018

Equator 500 System Enables Accurate Gaging Of Larger Parts

Renishaw’s Equator 500 is a larger gaging system that enables the gaging of larger parts, with a working volume of 20” in diameter and up to 16” in height.

PUBLISHED: 5/17/2018

HCR-5000S HMC Specializes in Aluminum Machining

Mazak’s HCR-5000S five-axis, single-table horizontal machining center offers a range of high-speed spindle options, from a standard 12,000-rpm spindle up to 30,000 rpm spindle.

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