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Parker Hannifin’s Upgraded SmogHog Increases Mist Filtration Efficiency

Updates include more robust industrial design, upgraded touchscreen functionality and enhanced blower cabinet design that increases mist filtration efficiency.


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Parker Hannifin’s Upgraded SmogHog

Parker Hannifin’s upgraded SmogHog

Parker Hannifin’s industrial gas filtration and generation division has updated its SmogHog media mist collector to increase its efficiency and reliability. According to the company, this three-stage media collector results in a 99% reduction of mist concentrations for indoor factory processes. The SmogHog floor mist and smoke collector can be used as a standalone solution or part of a centralized system.

This self-contained collector has a new motor/blower system that increases reliability through a more robust industrial design. A relocated external control panel with touchscreen functionality is positioned at the side of the cabinet for greater visibility and easy access to system functions, user settings and alerts. An enhanced blower cabinet design increases mist filtration efficiency by providing a longer dwell time in and across the main filter media. An after-filter cabinet that enables customers to choose between a 95% DOP or HEPA media has been relocated to just after the main filter chamber and before the blower cabinet to provide increased filtration efficiency, easier access for after-filter media maintenance and additional protection for the blower chamber.


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