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Platinum Tooling Expands Tooling Options for Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes

Citizen tool program added to line of live and static tools for Swiss-Type CNC automatic lathes.


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Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc. now carries Heimatec’s Citizen tool program.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc. now carries Heimatec’s Citizen tool program.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc., the exclusive importer of Heimatec live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle heads, extends its product offering to include the current Citizen tool program. In addition to the standard live and static tools, it will offer 1:4 speed increasers for the most current Citizen machine models. Designed to optimize the machine’s parameters, this expanded line of live and static precision tools for Swiss-type CNC automatic lathes are efficient and cost effective, the company says.

Swiss-types were originally developed for the manufacture of precision parts in the watch industry, but are now widely used to produce automotive components, screws and pins for the medical industry, and precision parts for electrical engineering.

Platinum Tooling’s and Heimatec’s goal during the development of this line was to construct a series of tools that would offer the greatest possible processing quality and longest service life, while additionally enhancing the machine’s capabilities with the use of speed increasers. To achieve this, Heimatec says it incorporates the highest quality bearings, ground gear components, spindles and housings to produce superior tools with maximum rigidity.   


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