QC-11 Automation Toolchanger Designed for Cobots


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The QC-11 automatic toolchanger (ATC) from ATI Industrial Automation is a vital component of many robotic applications and is now certified to work seamlessly with collaborative robots from Universal Robots.

The QC-11 enables automatic exchange of robotic end-effectors without any manual intervention. With this ATC, a robot can use multiple end-effectors in a single process. Preceding the QC-11 in the UR+ program are ATI’s Axia80 force/torque sensor and MC-10 manual toolchanger

When coupled, the master and tool weigh less than 0.25 kg (0.55 lbs), with a combined stack height of 52.4 mm (2.06 in). The small footprint of the robust QC-11 helps to optimize the robot payload and work envelope while supporting the maximum UR payload of 10 kg (22 lbs).

ATI’s pneumatically actuated, fail-safe, locking mechanism provides repeatable coupling under the rigors of industrial use. It also ensures that the tooling remains securely attached to the robot—even during a loss of air pressure.

The QC-11 features six integrated M5 pneumatic pass-through ports. It allows for an optional, accessory mounted, M8 connector for as many as eight pass-through electrical pin connections. Users can incorporate a compatible pin-and-bushing tool stand for storage of the additional end-of-arm tools.