Rego-Fix Coolant-Through System for Live Tooling

ReCool Erax is low-maintenance way to retrofit static or driven tooling systems with internal coolant capabilities.


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Rego-Fix USA’s compact reCool Erax extends its reCool line of coolant-through add-on systems for live tooling on CNC lathes. This toolholding solution is designed for driven tools with externally threaded nuts, giving conventional lathes coolant-through capabilities in minutes with minimal loss (approximately 10 mm) of machining range or additional interference, according to the company.

It was first developed as a space-saving solution for use with Rego-Fix floating chucks, Era holders such as the Era Zero-Z and other ER collet holders with externally threaded nuts. The Hi-Q/Erax is well-suited for maximizing the range of turning machines and minimizing the interference contour for larger parts and tighter machining envelopes. With reCool, driven tools and turning centers can easily be retrofitted for coolant-through functionality, enabling substantial improvements in tool life and productivity.

The reCool Erax delivers coolant with a maximum pressure of 1,450 psi in live tooling applications with speeds up to 12,000 rpm. Equally well-suited for emulsion and oil coolants, the system is available for ER collet sizes 16, 20, 25 and 32 to handle tools between 3-20 mm in diameter. Both through-tool coolant and peripheral cooling are possible using Reco-Fix DS/ER sealing disks and KS/ER coolant flush disks, respectively.

The company says it is an affordable, low-maintenance way to retrofit static or driven tooling systems with internal coolant capabilities, making process optimization simple. It enables reduced production time per piece, superior chip removal and compatibility with the wide range of Rego-Fix ER collets, enabling manufacturers to improve the performance of nearly any modern lathe.


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