Parts Cleaning

Renegade FL 9000 7048 Parts Washer for Heavy Cleaning Operations


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The Renegade FL 9000 7048 HD heavy-duty automatic front load aqueous parts washer is designed for 10,000-lb load capacity to handle heavy load parts cleaning in aviation, aerospace, rail, transit and remanufacturing industrial operations. The parts washer operates with a durable gear-driven 70” cabinet mounted turntable, and the sump capacity is 500 gallons.

Heavy parts and equipment components are cleaned of grease, oil or lubricants in a high temperature environment with high-pressure spray manifolds. Renegade front load parts washers provide easy access to the wash zone. Pump and heater capacities are integrated to the load and sump capacities for best throughput. Automation features include automatic low water level shutdown, seven-day programmable wash timer and PLC programmable wash cycle timer.

Additional industrial applications for the front load parts washer include large casting CNC machining facilities, electric motors/generators, machine shop, mining equipment, compressors/pumps/turbines, production machining facilities, remanufactured engine/transmission components, and more.