Parts Cleaning

Renegade I-Series Washers Feature Horizontal Rotating Parts Design

Performance benefits include larger capacities, round-the-clock durability and PLC integration.


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Renegade I-Series Washer

Renegade I-Series Washer

The Renegade I-Series TL HRPW WD horizontal rotating parts washer is designed to effectively clean challenging dirt and debris. It features a rotisserie operation in which the part rotates from its balanced centerline, while the spray manifold thoroughly flushes fine particulates from the blind holes and other hard-to-clean cavities. Custom fixtures can be designed for complex parts and components for secure placement in the top-load parts washer. A two-stage wash/dry automation is designed for high-production, repetitive cleaning operations for maximum cleaning efficiency. The company says that easy-to-use automation features include a PLC programmable wash cycle timer and heater timer.

The large PLC/HMI Touchscreen also has multiple controls for 7-day heating and skimming timer, electronic filter monitoring, low water warnings, preset maintenance and wash cycles, temperature display and more. A power vent enables quick steam removal, while safety features include proximity switches and a washer door lid safety switch.

The washer is well suited for a variety of industrial applications, including aviation and aircraft, contract machining, engine, fabrication, machine tool builders, metal casting and forming, pattern and machining, precision part manufacturing, remanufacturing, transmission, and transportation production centers, including mass transit.

Renegade aqueous parts washers are designed to work with Renegade detergents for maximum cleaning without residue buildup or bio slime.


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