Robot Combines Collaborative Robot Arm with Mobile Platform

IMTS 2018: Kuka’s autonomous KMR iiwa robot combines the company’s collaborative LBR iiwa robot with a flexible, mobile platform. 

Kuka’s autonomous KMR iiwa robot combines the company’s collaborative LBR iiwa robot with a flexible, mobile platform to meet Industry 4.0 requirements and modern production challenges. The company’s Sunrise multi-functional controller enables easy operation of both the vehicle and the robot throughout the production environment. The vehicle and robot are independently powered through the same lithium-ion battery.

The robot navigates safely and without protective fencing, the company says. The LBR iiwa is equipped with seven special joint sensors in each axis that cause it to stop when touched. The mobile platform features laser scanners that react immediately when a person or object is in its path.

The robot is said to promote positional accuracy of up to ± 5 mm. Its Mecanum wheels are designed for maximum agility, enabling the mobile platform to move omnidirectionally and to execute 360-degree rotations to shorten throughput times and enhance productivity.

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