Safe-Lock Pullout Protection System Reduces Vibration

Originally titled 'Pullout Protection System Reduces Vibration'

Haimer’s Safe-Lock pullout protection system has spiral-shaped grooves that are ground into the cutting tool shank to reduce vibration and prevent the cutter from spinning during extreme machining.

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Haimer’s Safe-Lock pullout protection system is for milling operations and is used within the aerospace industry. it combines pullout protection and high concentricity, leading to low vibration and stable machining process.

The pullout protection system has spiral-shaped grooves that are ground into the cutting tool shank at the same angle as those in the tool. In combination with EDM form closed drive keys in the toolholder (shrink fit chucks, collet chucks or also hydraulic chucks) the grooves prevent the cutting tool from twisting or being pulled out of the chuck during machining. 

Due to the increased cutting depths and feeds, the metal removal rate can be increased. And with the improved runout accuracy of the shrink-fit chucks, tool life can be improved by up to 50 percent.

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