Seco Inserts Benefit Shops Threading Titanium Alloys


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Seco Tools’ 13 full-profile threading inserts also offer a range of UNJ and MJ thread profiles for both external and internal applications. Shops that generate high-precision threads in stainless steels and heat-resistant nickel-based and titanium alloys will benefit from the tight-tolerance profiles of these inserts, according to the company. Manufacturers are said to extend tool life while eliminating process inconsistency and profile inaccuracy with these inserts that are part of a range of threading solutions from the company.

The inserts paired with the company’s holders featuring Jetstream Tooling high-pressure directed coolant technology is said to keep the cutting zone clear of tangled curly chips that stall production. To guide chips away from the cutting zone, the holders are designed to deliver a concentrated high-pressure, high-velocity jet of coolant directly to the ideal position close to the cutting edge. With this chip control, shops are said to be able to use 30-60 percent higher cutting speeds without compromising thread surface quality. UNJ thread profiles produce inch threads while MJ profiles handle the corresponding metric versions.


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