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Siemens Sinamics G120X Used in Varied Applications

With horsepower ranging from 1 to 700, Sinamics G120X from Siemens is optimized for pump, fan and compressor applications. 


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SiemensSinamics G120X drive is designed for use in pump, fan and compressor applications in industries such as wastewater, HVAC, irrigation/agriculture and industrial environments. The drive’s horsepower ranges from 1 to 700 (0.75 to 630 kW) and it operates in a temperature range from -4 to +140° F (-20 to +60° C) with a standard motor. It has an integral DC choke which is said to improve harmonics and EMC performance. It meets the latest and upcoming UL, NEMA and EN/IEC standards. The drive integrates into existing applications. 

The design is said to save space in the control cabinet and can be integrated into MCC solutions. Even without an additional output reactor, the drive enables motor cables as long as 492' (150 m) with category C2 or C3 filter and as long as 1476' (450 m) without a filter and have hardware-based SIL3-certified safety functions built-in.

The drives have Class 3C3 coating which is suitable for environments where the presence of corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulfide is present. It is said to offer an operating efficiency level of more than 98 percent. The drives are especially useful for digitalization and can be linked to Mindsphere by using Sinamics Connect 300 and the app, Analyze MyDrives. 


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