} Slim MT Mill-Thread Inserts for Machining Long Threads | Production Machining

Slim MT Mill-Thread Inserts for Machining Long Threads


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Featuring multiple straight flutes designed for machining longer threads in small to large diameters, Carmex Precision Tools Slim MT inserts and toolholders deliver high productivity for a lower price, according to the company. Constructed of an advanced carbide and coating combination for extended tool life, most of the inserts are double sided. The toolholders are nickel coated for high wear resistance and feature a unique clamping mechanism.

The company says the new Slim MT line was developed to offer customers a quality tool for generating long threads. The longer inserts not only make deep hole threading easier, but deliver an excellent finish with less cycle time, according to the company. The toolholders and inserts are available in a variety of sizes and multiple international configurations.



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