Star SU’s Gundrills Optimized for Deep Hole Drilling

Tools optimized to improve production capability.


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Star SU’s solid-carbide gundrills are used for machining challenging medical-grade materials. According to the company, the single-flute, solid-carbide gundrills are specially engineered and manufactured to meet part print requirements for medical devices and instruments with proven results in drilling a complete range of titanium and stainless steel materials. The small-diameter gundrills are said to provide cost savings due to long life and throughput improvements that can double production capability. Star SU’s tool-design optimization process considered everything in the process, including selecting the appropriate grade of carbide, surface finish, edge prep and coating, all of which are essential for success in medical machining. The company says the gundrills feature high surface finish, special drill geometries and edge preparation on the cutting edge, selected advance tool coatings and a coolant hole diameter size range starting at 0.700 mm (0.028").


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