Swiss Live Toolholders

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Alouette Tool Co. Ltd.


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Alouette Tool Co. Ltd. will be the exclusive U.S. agent for W&F Werkzeugtechnik’s modular line of Swiss live toolholders. The system has been incorporated into a new line for Swiss-type turning machines.

W&F’s modular clamping system affords flexibility and versatility. The line of live toolholders for Swiss machines comes with a quick-change modular chuck at the output of the toolholders. With this system, it is possible to interchange 60-plus cutting tool adapters within the same quick-change chuck. No longer is it necessary to purchase separate live toolholders for ER-type collet holders, milling/saw arbors, tap holders and so on.

The company offers quick-change adapters for its live toolholders such as ER-8, ER-11, ER-16, ER-20, ER-25 and milling/saw arbors for 5-mm, 8-mm and 10-mm ID saws.

The complete program of live toolholders is available for Tornos Deco machines as well as Citizen-Cincom machines.



  • Flexible, Quick-Change Tool Adapter System

    Before the development of live tooling, there were turning centers and machining centers. Processing parts with multiple operations that included turning and milling required moving the workpieces from one machine tool to another.

  • Coolant-Through Turning Toolholders Deliver Increased Performance And Tool Life

    It should be obvious to anyone who has ever washed a driveway or patio with a garden hose: For the best results, you must keep the stream of water precisely where it's needed. The same principle applies to delivering coolant to the cutting zone.

  • Chip Control

    I discovered that chip control actually means controlling chips as they are being cut off of a workpiece.