Tanis Inc. Shell Mill Adapter for Wheel Brushes

Originally titled 'Shell Mill Adapter for Wheel Brushes'
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Tanis Inc.’s adapter secures wheel brushes to CNC machines.

Tanis Inc.’s adapter secures wheel brushes to CNC machines. Offering a solution to its customer’s gap in brush attachment for automated deburring, the company’s engineering team created the adapter.

The coupling works by placing the adapter plates on both sides of the wheel brush and securing the device with a bolt that runs through a centrally located opening into the shell mill holder.  Set screws prevent the brush from rotating.

The lightweight and very durable aluminum adapters are compatible with a range of Tanis wheel brushes from 2” diameter to 14” diameter.



  • Finding Faster Deburring

    While attending a trade show in the fall of 2000, a research and development employee at Upchurch Scientific (Oak Harbor, Washington) saw a magnetic deburring and polishing machine. It was well known throughout Upchurch that manual deburring was very labor intensive, so he took note of it.

  • Simple, Effective Parts Cleaning

    After trying an array of parts cleaning methods over the years, this shop has implemented an environmentally friendly, relatively simple system to clean every part it produces.

  • Getting More Bang For Your Deburring Buck

    Today, customers demand parts that are burr-free, which would suggest aggressive deburring. At the same time, they want parts that are free of scratches and dings, which calls for gentle processing. There is a non-conventional deburring process that not only completely removes burrs from even difficult-to-reach part areas, but also leaves machined features and surface finishes intact and parts free of nicks and scratches. The process is called thermal deburring.