Toolholders, Inserts Facilitate Long-Reach Applications

Carmex Precision Tools LLC has added two products to its Mini Tools family: carbide shank toolholders and vertical inserts.

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Carmex Precision Tools LLC has added two products to its Mini Tools series: carbide shank toolholders and vertical inserts. The toolholders, featuring through coolant, provide vibration resistance and longer reach. The inserts, made of BLU sub-micron grade carbide with triple-layer PVD coating, provide higher heat resistance, smoother cutting operation and improved finish. The inserts can be more quickly indexed, according to the company.

Capable of threading, grooving, boring, profiling and chamfering, these products facilitate long threads or long-reach applications, as well as small-diameter coarse pitch threads. The insert is positioned in a recessed pocket in the toolholder, which improves support. Carbide construction reduces vibration.