Tower Metalworking's Cleaning Formulas Reduce Safety Hazards

PMTS 2019: Tower Metalworking Fluids’ products line is said to contain robust, game-changing formulations for leading-edge coolant technology.


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Tower Metalworking Fluids’ products line is said to contain formulations for leading coolant technology. Designed for health, safety and the environment, these products are said to be pictogram-free and hazard-free, providing optimized performance and lubricity on metals. They can continuously clean a machine as it runs, eliminating residue build-up. Additional benefits include employee safety (such as the elimination of dermatitis issues), improved tool life, extended sump life, increased productivity and a cleaner machine. 

Saf-T-Cool products offer chemistries formulated with renewable resources and low foam characteristics that clean and rinse the machine as it runs, eliminating residues and protecting against corrosion. Towerkem products contain high performance, biostatic, synthetic coolants with chemistry that reject tramp oils while providing exceptional rust protection and extended sump life. They are said to offer high performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


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