TSX Series Tangential Milling Cutter Handles High Feed Rates

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.’s TSX series tangential milling cutter is designed for efficient shoulder milling and is engineered with a tough and sharp cutting edge for stable, highly efficient machining at high feed rates. 


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Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.’s TSX series tangential milling cutter is designed for shoulder milling. For machining at high feed rates, the TSX series is engineered with a tough and sharp cutting edge, the company says. It can handle increased depths of cut ranging from a small job to a heavy-duty roughing application.

According to the company, a four-corner ground tolerance tangentially mounted insert, with an optimized chipbreaker, achieves edge sharpness and sidewall accuracy. The TSX is available in two precision-ground insert sizes offering a maximum depth of cut of 8 mm (0.315”) and 12 mm (0.473”).

Other features of the TSX include reduced cutting force, surface roughness Ra under 0.5 µm, squareness under 0.05 mm and long-term wear resistance, the company says.


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