Cutting Tools

Two-Axis CNC Attachments for Acmes

PMTS 2021: Attachments are capable of handling single point threading, contour turning, special boring and triple start threading.


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BME Inc. offers two-axis CNC attachments to mount directly on an Acme Gridley bar machines that the company says can be installed in the field in only a few days. These two-axis attachments are capable of handling single-point threading, contour turning, special boring, triple start threading and more. Programming can be done directly at the machine, whether it be through G-code or a conversational interface that comes standard with a control unit.

In addition, the company says its new Alumiline modular aluminum coolant line system can withstand extended use, vibration from machining and contact with chips to ensure proper coolant delivery and mitigate the issue of burning tools due to lack of coolant application. BME continues to develop other screw machine attachments, including shaves, recesses, form tool holders, floating reamer and tap holders, synchronous end tool slide milling, polygon and thread milling attachments, and pickoff attachments.


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