United Grinding’s Digital Solutions Boosts Grinding Machine Productivity, Uptime

United Grinding’s Digital Solutions simplifies and optimizes grinding production processes and service.


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United Grinding Digital Solutions

United Grinding Digital Solutions

United Grinding’s Digital Solutions is designed to enhance manufacturing productivity and production availability for grinding machines while it eases process tasks. Built as a modular suite of services, Digital Solutions is said to strengthen manufacturers’ transformation to data-driven efficiency with remote service, service monitor, production monitor, customer cockpit and IT security for grinding applications.

The Remote Service minimizes downtime with single-click access to prompt, system-specific remote analysis and expert troubleshooting via a secure communication platform and certified VPN connection that integrates easily into a shop’s existing IT infrastructure (LAN). With each service request, the system automatically transmits essential data, including grinding machine condition, alarm and error log files, while a digital logbook documents every connection.

The Service Monitor function maps the current state of grinding machines and provides structured maintenance planning that reflects machine operating hours, along with online access to service documentation and order suggestions for wear and spare parts. A traffic light system indicates when connected machines will need service and itemizes each machine's status information, as well as the tools, parts and instructions required for service. As shops complete procedures, the system documents ongoing service history. Production Monitor provides constant access to status updates on all connected machines from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app. Machine information helps shops spot production backlogs, with full itemization of timings (cycles, auxiliary, malfunctions) and production quantities. If a failure occurs, shops can report it through a service request to Remote Service.

Customer Cockpit centralizes management of machines, users, authorizations and software updates through a digital hub that links together and provides the basis for all aspects of the Digital Solutions service suite. IT Security assures that Digital Solutions functions directly and exclusively through a secure, encrypted connection between the shop facility and United Grinding with timeouts to limit connection duration. For added security, each exchange begins only when the customer initiates it, so shops do not need to adjust their in-house security parameters or drop their firewalls to use the service.


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