Variety of Lathes, Turning Centers on Display

The company will display four Swiss-type lathes and three turning centers.

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The company will display four Swiss-type lathes and three turning centers. The latest iteration of the Cincom L-series, the L20X, incorporates a Y2 axis on the subspindle side, which enables a variety of extra tooling on both the front and back side of the part. It also enables more overlapping of machining on the front side of the workpiece. The eight-axis, simultaneous machine can accommodate more than 30 tools. 
The company will demonstrate bone screw machining on the A20VII, which will employ thread whirling along with 80,000-rpm live spindles, 0.02" end mills and 2,000-psi HP coolant to produce a hexalobe feature. The full-featured Cincom package includes the machine, whirling head, bar feeder, mist collection and HP systems, all of which are supplied and supported by MCC.
In addition, a creative machinist tool, the steel tap wrench, will be run on the A32VII and a stainless steel spool will run on the K16EVII.
The Miyano ABX-51THY multitasking turning center is equipped with a Fanuc 31i control system, which features a 10.4" full color screen and enhanced user features. With three turrets and three Y-axes, the machine reduces cycle time for complex parts. Live tooling for all stations optimizes balanced milling, and high-rigidity left and right spindles accept heavier cutting conditions. The turrets are designed for stable cutting, whether turning, drilling or milling. The BNA-42SY and BNA-42DHY will also be on display.