Parts Cleaning

Company Offers Options for Parts Cleaning

BvL’s parts cleaning equipment includes high-pressure washing, a basket washing system and a continuous washing system. 


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BvL Oberflächentechnik’s​​​ Geyser high-pressure process is designed for removing swarf and burrs. A pump generates a waterjet that is used for cleaning, deburring and paint stripping. The components are cleaned with an adjustable pressure as high as 3,000 bar and a volumetric flow of ranging to 48 liters per minute. Different nozzle systems enable individual processing.

The NiagaraMO basket washing system uses a different cleaning principle. The flood/spray system enables all-round cleaning through rotation of the parts baskets or carriers around the horizontal axis. The front-loading, roller-guided fixture enables linking to the production process. An additional stationary table with cross-moving in-feed and discharge is said to enable faster throughput times, even on components with complex shapes. Optional ultrasound cleaning achieves good cleaning results, according to the company.

The YukonDA continuous system is designed for processes with continuous material flow. The parts pass through the treatment zones in an in-line process (synchronized if required). The parts move past the nozzle frame with offset nozzle positioning. This nozzle system, as well as the load capacities and dimensions, are adapted to the corresponding components. Different wet treatment zones for washing, degreasing, phosphating, rinsing and passivating, and drying can be arranged sequentially as required.


  • Selecting Solvents for Precision Cleaning

    Stringent standards on precision cleaning ensure reliable and trouble-free performance in the final product.

  • Simple, Effective Parts Cleaning

    After trying an array of parts cleaning methods over the years, this shop has implemented an environmentally friendly, relatively simple system to clean every part it produces.

  • Continuous, In-Process Washing System For High-Production Machines

    Dan Walters' invention is a part washing machine that attaches directly to the machine tool while occupying about 10 square feet of floor space. The Wheelie Washer is a conveyor-like system that takes the parts through various chemicals and solutions, removing the oil from each part and drying them.