Parts Cleaning

Weber Ultrasonics' SonoPower Works for Sensitive Substrates

System designed to provide gentle, effective ultrasonic cleaning.


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Weber Ultrasonics’ SonoPower 3S megasound system uses frequencies from 500 to 1,000 kHz to handle demanding cleaning tasks for sensitive components, including monocrystalline wafers from the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries as well as optical lenses, prisms and super finely structured substrates. According to the company, the machine can reliably remove the tiniest contamination without compromising the surface.

The gentle cleaning is well-suited for smaller, finer parts and components that are more sensitive to soiling and require the removal of even the tiniest particulate soiling and film contamination to ensure perfect functioning. The system features the SonoPower 3S Megasonic Boost and matching SonoPlate HF high-frequency transducers.

The generator is available in 250 W and 500 W and features combined frequency and amplitude modulation to create homogeneous sound fields, thus preventing standing waves. The company says the SonoScan automatically determines and sets the optimum operating frequency, and monitors and adjusts it during the process. This ensures that the ideal power output is always applied, even in the face of changing operating conditions such as temperature fluctuations or when cleaning and rinsing media are changed. The boost features voltage management, which automatically compensates for voltage fluctuations, enabling process stability and operational reliability. The power output can also be continually adjusted from 10 to 100%, adapting to the respective component.