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Wickman ACW Screw Machines Feature Ranging Capacities

PMTS 2019: Wickman’s ACW 6-44 CNC screw machine is designed for long-term machining and easy maintenance.


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Wickman Machine Tools’ ACW 6-44 CNC screw machine is designed for long-term machining and easy maintenance. The machine is said to have quick set changes and rapid cycle times. The ACW range of machines has a capacity ranging from 1" to 3¼" and feature mechanical slides in the lower stations and CNC in the upper stations. According to the company, the versatile machine has simple programming, advanced control and can machine difficult materials.


  • The Evolution of the Y Axis on Turn-Mill Machines

    Introduced to the turn-mill machine tool design in about 1996, the Y axis was first used on a single-spindle, mill-turn lathe with a subspindle. The idea of a Y axis on a CNC originated from the quality limitation of polar interpolation and the difficulty in programming, not from electronic advances in controls or servomotor technology as one might commonly think.

  • Workholding For Swiss Turning

    In large part, because of the machine’s versatility, Swiss turning is increasing its penetration of the precision turned parts market. As more shops look to this technology, a look at workholding considerations is in order.

  • Endworking Enhances Shaft Manufacturing Process

    Because endworking is often considered only as a preliminary step for shaft work typical of the automotive industry, potential productivity gains are being passed by. Newer technology has enabled these machines to handle far more applications.