Wieland-Chase Brass Rod, Forgings and Ingots

PMTS 2021: Products engineered for machinability to exceed industry standards, quality and consistency.


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Wieland Chase offers a line of products made from high-performance, lead-free silicon brass rod for machining and forging. Available alloys include ECO Brass C693, ECO Forge C6985 and ECO Bronze C87850 in ingot form. It also provides a variety of leaded alloys — C360, C377, C450, C350, C353; low-lead alloys — C370, C363, C27450; and lead-free alloys — ECO Brass C693, C6985 and ECO Bronze C87850 in ingot form.

The high-performance, lead-free ECO Brass C693 is said to be excellent for machinability and forgeability. Its high strength, equivalent to stainless steel, makes it a well suited for water supply and plumbing applications by eliminating the problems of stress corrosion cracking and dezincification. ECO Brass is also 100% recyclable, lead-free, arsenic-free and bismuth-free.