7/28/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

Wintriss Software Increases Shop Floor Productivity

Originally titled 'Software Increases Shop Floor Productivity'
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Wintriss Control Group’s ShopFloorConnect and SmartPAC Pro press automation controller can increase manufacturing efficiencies.


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Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect OEE and Shop Floor data collection software collects downtime and production efficiency data from every machine in the manufacturing operation, displays it in real-time and produces manufacturing reports, including detailed OEE reports in a variety of formats. According to the company, the software can significantly increase manufacturing capacity and profitability by identifying and quantifying excessive production losses and bottlenecks, reducing machine downtime by up to 70%. The ShopFloorConnect version 6.0 has is designed for fast, easy access to all data, offering features for robust, user-friendly reporting and dashboard customization, flexible scheduling capabilities and machine interface enhancements, all of which are critical for OEE. The company says that users can now improve the OEE of their machines by tracking the reasons for scrap. The software also enables users to manually enter good and bad part count data, when machines with batch processes make it impossible or impractical to automatically count the parts as they are being produced. It can also handle multiple languages and time zones.

According to the company, the SmartPAC Pro press automation controller features a large, easy-to-use vivid touchscreen interface; user-configurable dashboards; virtually unlimited tool setup storage and the ability to share setups among networked SmartPAC Pro units. The SmartPAC Pro tool summary screen enables users to view the entire contents of each programmed setup on a single screen, providing users the ability to place notes for the job and all content can be exported to a USB disk as comma-separated values. Users can also create custom home screen dashboards to display the information they use most often. These dashboards can be named and saved in the favorites menu and quickly recalled at any time. The SmartPAC Pro architecture supports advanced connectivity features such as remote access from PCs and mobile devices, email messaging and compatibility with Wintriss’s IIoT production tracking OEE ShopFloorConnect software solution.