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PUBLISHED: 7/21/2017

SV-20R Swiss-type Automatic Lathe Reduces Production Time and Improves Accuracy

Star CNC showcases the SV-20R Swiss-type automatic lathe.

PUBLISHED: 5/10/2017

TNL18 Series Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes Perform Dynamically with Improved Accelerations

In extensive tests, the developers made sure that the mechanical conditions of the machine harmonize with the new dynamics.

PUBLISHED: 11/18/2016

Ganesh 20-mm Hybrid Swiss CNC Lathe for Machining Efficiency

The Ganesh twin-spindle SL-20Y2 eight-axis 20-mm Swiss lathe addresses the need for getting work up to ¾-inch diameter done efficiently in only one operation with all of the axial and radial milling features accurately timed and deburred.

PUBLISHED: 10/1/2015

Swiss-Type Lathe for Small Workpieces

The Yama Seiki Swiss-type lathe is especially useful for workpieces smaller than 42 mm (1.65"). The SW series is available with a sub-spindle, live tooling and a bar feeder.

PUBLISHED: 7/29/2015

Tsugami’s Laser Cutting System Includes Six-Axis Swiss Machining

The Tsugami S206-II with IMG 400LS laser cutting system, also called the Tsugami LaserSwiss, combines six-axis Swiss machining with laser cutting on one machine, allowing manufacturers to perform Swiss turning and laser cutting operations with one s...

PUBLISHED: 4/28/2015

Compact, High-Speed Spindles Enable Ultra-Small Drilling

IBAG North America offers its Micro Line compact, high-speed spindles for Swiss-type turning machines.

PUBLISHED: 3/4/2015

Used CNC Machines and Bar Feeding Equipment

Automatics & Machinery buys and sells used machine tools, specializing in CNC Swiss, turning and other CNC machines as well as bar feeding equipment.

PUBLISHED: 3/2/2015

Swiss-Type Machine Line Ranges in Size up to 38 mm

Star CNC Machine Tool Corp.’s SV-38 model represents the latest in Star’s technology, ranging in size up to 38 mm.

PUBLISHED: 2/26/2015

Laser and Conventional Machining All in One Machine

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s Laser System L2000 is incorporated into a Cincom L20EIX Swiss turning center.

PUBLISHED: 2/26/2015

Swiss-Type Entry Level Machine Offers Flexibility

The CT project aims to introduce a 20-mm machine offering an unprecedented flexibility for an entry-level machine, the company says.

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