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PUBLISHED: 2/22/2018

HDC Straight Shank Toolholder Handles Clearance Applications

Big Kaiser’s HDC Straight Shank holder has a slim design that provides balance, concentricity and reach for confined areas and can be clamped into other base holders to extend overall reach of the tool assembly and avoid the need for...

PUBLISHED: 1/19/2018

Indexable Punch Broaches and Holders Offer Simple Setup

Slater Tools’ range of indexable punch broaches and holders are designed to machine shapes in workpieces where rotary broaching may not be feasible, such as depth of operation, tough materials, tooth height, chip evacuation challenges and appl...

PUBLISHED: 1/8/2018

Chuck Clamps Ultra-Small End Mills without Reduction Sleeve

Big Kaiser’s super slim type of hydraulic chucks (HDC) for HSK-E25 machine spindles are toolholders that can clamp ultra-small end mills and drills directly, without needing a reduction sleeve.

PUBLISHED: 1/5/2018

Hydraulic Expansion Toolholder Combines Multiple Geographies

Schunk’s Tendo Slim 4ax hydraulic expansion toolholder was designed for axial operations, and can be used to mill close to interfering contours, countersinking, and reaming in five-axis centers and the die and mold industry.

PUBLISHED: 12/15/2017

Adding Cutting Axis Allows Machining from Additional Angles

NT Tool’s angle heads have added a cutting axis to existing machines, allowing machining from additional angles without the need for tilt tables so machining plants can save on setup costs and investments in new machinery.

PUBLISHED: 12/11/2017

Gen3sys XT Pro Improves Chip Evacuation and Coolant Flow

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.’s Gen3sys XT Pro line of inserts and holders are high penetration drilling products that feature enhanced holders and inserts with three geometries and two advanced coatings. 

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2017

Haas BMT Turret Features Heimatec Live Tools

Heimatec’s line of tooling available for the Haas BMT turret includes multi-spindle, adjustable angle, and speed multipliers.

PUBLISHED: 11/28/2017

The Tendo E Compact is a Universal Hydraulic Toolholder

Schunk’s Tendo E compact is a universal toolholder for applications such as milling, drilling, and reaming.  

PUBLISHED: 11/3/2017

GC4335 Insert Grade Turns Unstable Steels

Sandvik Coromant Inc.’s GC4335 insert grade is for the turning of steels where unstable conditions or vibration issues prevail and is designed to bring about secure and predictable machining as well as shorter cycle times and better ...

PUBLISHED: 10/7/2017

Exsys' Skiving Head Expands Turning Machine Capabilities

Exsys Tool’s 90-degree skiving drilling and milling head provides angled drilling and milling capabilities, enables the machines to perform gear skiving, and generates both internal and external gears with helical profiles. 

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