Mazak Offers Multitasking Machines for High-Volume, Small Parts Applications


PMTS 2021: All Mazak technology is backed by its MPower customer support program for the life of every machine.

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Twin-Turret Lathes Feature Y-Axis Turrets


PMTS 2021: Marubeni's BNE-MYY twin-turret lathe models, BNE-51MYY and BNE-65MYY, offer 51- and 65-mm diameters.

Maier Offers Swiss-Type, High-Pressure System and Swiss Bar Feeders


PMTS 2021: The company’s Swiss bar feeders, both 3 m and 4 m, come with integrated high pressure, and FANUC Robo Drills with many options.

CNC Screw Machine Offers Machining Speed, Versatility


PMTS 2021: This series of 11-axis CNC screw machines, featuring overlapping slides, is said to meet the machining speed, quality and versatility of cam-driven machines.

Romi GL250 Turning Center Features Thermal Stability


PMTS 2021: The turning center offers thermal and geometric stability to maintain consistent accuracy, performance and productivity.

Romi C 420, C 510 CNC Lathes Well Suited for Gun Barrel Machining


Romi C 420, C 510 CNC Lathes are flexible and can be used for numerous speciality applications, including gun barrel manufacturing.

Mazak QT-Ez Turning Centers Offer Easy Automation Integration


The QT-Ez Series has been designed for a range of automation solutions — from simple bar feeders and parts catchers to full cooperative robot installations.

Expand Machinery’s Genturn-52 CS Simplifies Setup, Reduces Costs


Sliding headstock machine has no guide bushing, thus simplifying setup while reducing job expenses and setup time.

7-Axis Swiss Lathe Features Built-in Motor Spindle


Machine is built for rigidity, accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

NexTurn SA-20B Swiss Lathe Offers 7-Axes


Machine is built for rigidity, accuracy, reliability and ease of use.