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Emuge Corp. manufactures an extensive line cutting tools, with over 100,000 different stocked standard taps, thread mills, drills, end mills, tool holders and work piece clamping devices. Over 10,000 types of cutting tools and accessories are stocked in the company’s U.S. and Canadian Headquarters located in West Boylston, MA, U.S.A. The 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility includes the technology center with a machining and tooling demonstration showroom and classroom, tool warehouse, sales, support and administrative offices. In 2015, Emuge started manufacturing products in the USA with the opening of a reconditioning center for Emuge cutting tools and is proud to be a part of a re-vitalized manufacturing sector in New England.

A Message from Emuge Corp.


Emuge recently opened a new technology center, located at the company’s North American headquarters in West Boylston, MA, USA.

As Seen In Production Machining

Shannon Filippelli

Emuge Appoints New Marketing Manager
Shannon Filippelli is responsible for all marketing related functions at Emuge, including product launches, trade shows, social media and web content, in addition to managing Emuge’s new membership program with Affiliated Distributors.

end mill tools

Emuge Turbine End Mills Designed for Bladed Components
Eastec 2019: Emuge’s line of end mills features a geometry designed for the high-performance machining of the turbine and bladed components.

Emuge Breaks Ground to Expand US Manufacturing Facility
Emuge expansion will include more manufacturing space and the addition of a PVD coating center. The company also plans to expand its current Technology and Training Center, also located at the West Boylston facility.

Punch Tap's Tooth Geometry Threads Faster
The tooth geometry design of Emuge's Punch Tap line consumes less energy and reduces threading time, according to the company.

Self-Lock integrated locking system

Self-Lock Locking System Reduces Assembly Errors
Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock integrated locking system has a thread locking feature that is integrated in the internal thread, and has a modified profile with a 30-degree ramp surface in the direction of stress which provides the self-locking effect.  

Self-Lock threading tools

Thread Locking Tools Offer Alternative Safety Application
Emuge Corp.’s Self-Lock internal thread yields a self-locking screw connection that can be used repeatedly. 

Solid carbide drill

EF-C Step Drill Program Drills and Chamfers in One Operation
Emuge Corp.’s EF-C carbide step drill program features is a high-penetration rate solid carbide drill that drills and chamfers in one operation, saving time and providing a more accurate hole-to-chamfer location and hole preparation for tapping or thread milling.   

End Mill

Trochoidal End Mills Minimize Risk of Chip Buildup
Emuge Corp.’s Trochoidal line of solid carbide end mills with unique geometry and chip breakers are designed specifically for trochoidal milling. They provide increased metal removal rates, fewer tool paths and longer tool life, while enabling a high axial depth of cut.

Emuge's Technology Center

Emuge to Host Joint Open House with Blaser Swisslube, Butler Bros.
The event will feature Emuge’s new Technology Center, machining demonstrations and seminars.

MultiTAP line high-performance taps

MultiTAP Handles Wide Range of Materials and Applications
Emuge’s MultiTAP line of high-performance taps cut carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze and have a geometric design as well as a special base material and surface treatment that enable it to handle a wide range of materials and applications, thus eliminating the need to stock numerous types of taps in the tool crib.

Bob Hellinger and Alan Levine Shaking Hands.

Emuge and Open Mind Establish Partnership
Emuge Corp. has established a partnership with Open Mind Technologies AG.

EF-Series drills

Emuge EF Micro Drills with Coolant-Through Design
The EF Micro Drills range from 0.0295” (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181” (3.0 mm) in diameter, are all coolant-through design and are ideal for aerospace, medical and precision automotive applications designed for producing small, deep holes in steel, cast iron, stainless steels and nonferrous materials.

Emuge’s Solid Carbide Coolant-Fed Micro Drills
EF Micro Drills range from 0.0295” (0.75 mm) up to 0.1181” (3.0 mm) in diameter.

Emuge circle segment cutters

Circle-Segment Cutters Remove More Material in Fewer Passes
Eastec 2017: Available from Emuge, circle-segment cutters are designed to remove more material in fewer passes in five-axis machining.

Circle-Segment End Mills Offer More Material Removal with Fewer Passes
These tools, which are especially for machining turbine blades, impellers, blisks and in moldmaking applications, feature forms with large radii in the cutting area of the mills, allowing a large axial depth of cut during pre-finishing and finishing operations.

Emuge FPC Mill/Drill Chucks Increase Machining Speed and Tool Life
Featuring a chuck with a 1:16 worm gear, the FPC chuck's design delivers three tons of traction force.

Emuge and Mastercam Establish Partnership
Both companies will share technical data and best practices on machining applications and programs, participate in joint seminars and training events at each other’s technology centers.

Emuge Donates Cutting Tools for Training
Emuge Corp. has recently donated hundreds of high performance taps, end mills and other rotary cutting tools to Quinsigamond Community College of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Toolholder for High Production Tapping
The Speedsynchro toolholder from Emuge features an integrated transmission of 1:4.412 for optimizing thread production on CNC machines with synchronous spindles.

Emuge’s Tool Program for Threading of Nickel-Based Alloys
Emuge Corp.’s line of high-performance tools for threading demands nickel/super alloy materials to 46 HRC.

Z-Taps for Stainless Steels, High Strength Alloys, Tool and Cast Steels
Emuge Corp.’s tap program called "Z-Taps" is an extensive line of taps featuring design and engineering that make them ideal for stainless steels, high strength alloys, tool steels and cast steels <=30Rc.

Product Categories of Emuge Corp.

Arbors, Expandable Workholding
Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
Chucks, Diaphragm
Chucks, Gear
Chucks, Precision
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
End Mills
Gear Cutting Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Milling Cutters
Tap Drivers & Attachments
Tapping Attachments
Thread Milling Cutters
Thread Rolls & Dies
Threading Tools

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