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Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines

Increase your productivity with high precision products from Haimer.

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Maximize metal removal rates and machining profitability with HAIMER Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines

In the last decade, machine shops have had to increase cutting volumes in order to increase profitability in a highly competitive global market. While machine shop operators have needed to increase speeds, feeds, and depths of cut, the importance of balanced tools and tool holders has become more and more apparent.

Imbalanced tool holders cause chatter, bad surface finish, shorter tool life and increased spindle wear. This imbalance forces operators to slow down production, until acceptable tolerances have been attained, which in turn reduces machining profitability. 

HAIMER Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines provide highly precise measurements to ensure your tools are balanced and provide:

  • Longer cutting tool life
  • The ability to run your cutting tools faster
  • Reduced machine spindle wear
  • Better surface finish on your parts

Only high-precision balanced tools and tool holders can realize full machining capacity in regards to metal removal rates, surface finish and tool life. HAIMER Tool Dynamic Balancing Machines provide this precision (< G2.5). Having properly balanced tools and tool holders also has a myriad of fringe benefits, including reduced downtime and increased process security. From the basic TD 1002 model to the premium TD 2009 Preset, HAIMER has a balancing solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

A Message from Haimer USA

HAIMER Shrink Fit Tool Holders & Collet Chucks

Increase your productivity with high precision products from Haimer.

Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machine

Increase your productivity with high precision products from Haimer.

Company Profile

HAIMER is a top tier German Manufacturer of tool holders and shrink fit technology.

As Seen In Production Machining

Haimer's Power Clamp Sprint i4.0

Shrink-Fit Machine Accommodates ER Collets
Eastec 2019: Haimer USA’s shrink-fit machine, Power Clamp Sprint i4.0, is being marketed as an entry point into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Steven Baier

Steven Baier Promoted to Vice President of Sales for Haimer
In his role as Vice President of Sales at Haimer USA, Steven Baier will manage, maintain and expand sales in the United States and Canada and is in charge of about 15 salesmen.

presetting machine

Haimer Microset Machines Increase Utilization
Haimer’s Microset tool presetting machines reduce setup times by as much as 70 percent and enable users to increase their machine utilization.

Haimer Sprint i4.0 Introduces Shops to the Digital Age
PMTS 2019: Haimer’s shrink fit machine is said to introduce shops to the digital age of connectivity.

William Gerry and Andreas Haimer

Boeing Portland and Haimer Partnership Leads to OMIC R&D Membership
Through this partnership, Boeing is intensifying its strategic partnership with Haimer by sponsoring a joint membership at OMIC R&D.

Pull-out protection system

Safe-Lock Pullout Protection System Reduces Vibration
Haimer’s Safe-Lock pullout protection system has spiral-shaped grooves that are ground into the cutting tool shank to reduce vibration and prevent the cutter from spinning during extreme machining.

Presetting equipment

Tool Presetting Equipment Increases Machine Utilization
Haimer’s Uno series Microset tool presetting equipment’s Uno Smart features a small footprint, user-friendly operation and high precision that can be used for measurement during production and has a repeatability of ± 5 microns.

Haimer Microset

Tool Presetting Machines Reduce Setup Times by 70 Percent
Westec 2017: Haimer will feature its Microset tool presetting machines, which are said to streamline tool setting processes to reduce set up times by as much as 70 percent. 

Haimer Microset

Tool Presetters Minimize Idle Time
Eastec 2017: Haimer will showcase its Microset tool presetters.

Haimer acquires DMG MORI Microset GmbH
On January 1, 2017, Haimer acquired the DMG MORI Microset GmbH company, which is now operating under the name HAIMER Microset GmbH.

Safe Tooling for Heavy Machining
Heavy machining puts stress on the tool holder. This system helps eliminate tool pullout.

Haimer USA Cuts Ribbon on New North American Headquarters
New 25,000-sq.-ft. showroom, training facilities and offices were built to support the company’s continued growth.

DMG MORI Makes Haimer a Member of Qualified Products Program
DMG MORI customers can now outfit their machines with the latter’s toolholder and other equipment.

Safe-Lock Tool Locking System Secures Cutters
Haimer’s Safe-Lock uses a pin locking system in the ID of a toolholder that engages with a groove on the OD of a cutting tool.

Haimer and OSG Cutting Tools Form Strategic Partnership
The OSG Corp. and Haimer GmbH signed a strategic partnership and licensing agreement.

Haimer Power Collets

Collets Designed for Swiss-Type Machines
Haimer is showcasing its Power Collets and collet extensions designed for Swiss-type turning machines.

Haimer has Joined Partners in THINC
Haimer, headquartered in Munich, Germany, provides product lines including set-screw end-mill holders, face-mill arbors and ER collet chucks, as well as high precision collet and shrink fit chucks.

Slim-Nosed Shrink-Fit Chucks
The Power Mini Shrink chucks are a series of slim-nosed, shrink-fit chucks designed with a combination of slim tips and reinforced bases, following the company’s “Power Shrink” anti-vibration shrink-fit system.

Toolholding System Improvement
Haimer announced that the cutting tools manufactured by Dauphin Precision Tool LLC and Berkshire Precision Tool LLC have become official Safe-Lock licensees. This licensing allows the companies to add the Safe-Lock modification to the shanks of their Brubaker, Data Flute, Fastcut and Weldon cutting tools if so desired by their customers.

PM News July 2009
News from the machining industry.

Demo Truck Outside

Technology Hits the Road
As a strategy to assist in its tradeshow follow-up efforts, this company has put a demonstration vehicle on the road to bring its technology to prospective customers.

Product Categories of Haimer USA

Arbors (for Cutters)
Balancing Machines
Chucks, Collet Type (for Workholding)
Chucks, Power
Chucks, Precision
Chucks, Special
Clamps & Fixturing Devices
Collets for Toolholding
Die and Mold Components
Drill Chucks
End Mills
Flatness Measuring Equipment
Key Seating Tools
Milling Cutters
Probes, Electromechanical
Retention Knobs
Tool Presetters
Tool Storage & Handling Systems
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

Balancing Machines
Cool Jet
Heavy Duty Chuck
HG Chuck
HSK Tool holders
Mini Shrink
Power Chuck
Power Clamp
Power Collet Chuck
Power Shrink
Power Shrink Mini
Safe Lock
Shrink Fit machines
Shrink Fit Tooling
Super Chuck
Tool Dynamic
Tool Dynamic Automatic
Tool Dynamic Preset
Zero Master